My Services

Power Playrooms

I engage your team in creative problem-solving and guide them to carefully consider industry dynamics and customer needs from fresh perspectives and generate novel solutions to age-old problems.

The outcome of a Power Playroom is a ‘Vision of Worth’ – an elegant integration of desired business outcomes and customer satisfaction.

By balancing beautiful (human) outcomes with business ambitions, a ‘Vision of Worth’ energizes employees, excites customers and differentiates you from the “status quo” competition.

Length of engagement: 2 to 4 hours + preparatory materials

Market Research (Qualitative + Quantitative)

A combination of qualitative research (phone interviews or in-person observation) and quantitative research (industry statistics, trends, local competitor analysis) to answer one or more strategic questions.

The outcome is the ‘Edge’ of your business strategy. This unique “angle” or approach to serving your market considers the motivations and behaviours of your target customer alongside business fundamentals. This ‘Edge’ of your business strategy leads you down a path less-travelled, away from your competitors, to greener pastures.

Length of engagement: 2-3 months 

I also work with local and regional business groups such as startup accelerators, entrepreneurship hubs, small business centres, chambers of commerce, rotary clubs, and industry or professional associations to design and deliver “Playrooms” (workshops) that introduce participants to creative thinking, play-based problem-solving, qualitative research and other tenants of human-centered strategy as part of the programming and value-add these groups and associations offer their membership. 

Length of engagement: 1 to 2 hours