Take Human-Centered Strategy for a Test Drive

Not sure what to make of this whole “human” approach to business strategy yet?
Unclear on what “human-centered” really means and how it’s different from traditional business strategy?
Take Human-Centered Strategy for a test drive! 

The first of the following videos introduces you to the concept and why it matters.
The remaining three videos then walk you through the systematic development of a ‘Practical Customer Profile’ that helps you make decisions about how to better address the needs of your customer through the sales cycle. 

Your “test drive” of Human-Centered Strategy begins by downloading this PDF. There are some warm-up exercises on page 2 and page 3 that are highly recommended. 

However, for the purpose of this “test drive”, page 4 and page 5 are the most important as they contain the ‘Activity Map’ and ‘Opportunity Map’ that will help you systematically think about your customer’s behaviours, needs and what opportunities you have to address them.

For the best experience, print page 4 and 5 so that you can perform the exercises as you listen to the instructions in the following videos.

Video 1: Introduction to Human-Centered Strategy


“Human-Centered strategy is the systematic development of business strategy. However it also considers and applies that which makes us human.”

Video 2: Activity Map


“We’re going to start with what your customers actually do and not what they wish they would do or what they would report on a survey.”

Video 3: Opportunity Map


“So we started with customer behaviour – what they do – and then we’re asking ourselves, in response to that, what should we as a business do?”


Video 4: Next Steps


“Ask other people who work within your business to go through this process as well…In this way, a number of different ideas will be brought to the table instead of working together and end up with a few of the same ideas over and over again.”

Good luck!