Hello! My name is Steph. I am a Human-Centered Strategist

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I use techniques and frameworks from emerging innovation disciplines (business design and Behavioural economics) rooted in social science to develop a detailed understanding of how your customers think and feel and why they make decisions and take actions the way they do.

These entirely different approaches to business strategy are complimentary but in direct contrast to the often single-minded, heavily quantitative approaches that sprung from the Industrial Revolution and Post-War eras and shaped the business world as we have always known it.

I use cutting-edge innovation practices to understand how your customers think, feel and why they act.

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I integrate this deep qualitative knowledge of your customers with tried-and-true business strategy to develop sales interventions that make a difference.

Just like any strategic thinker, I take a structured, logical approach to solving business challenges.

As a human-centered strategist, however, I prioritize the consideration of humans (how they think and why they act – or don’t act) that unequivocally influence the success or failure of business strategies and are therefore are a key factor in their design and execution.

Integrating tried-and-true strategy frameworks with disciplines from social science, I work with you to develop evidence-based sales cycle interventions (strategic changes to specific aspects of your selling cycle) that add up on paper while also making sense in a real-world context.

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Introduction to Kelly Hui, Masters of Global Affairs candidate, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (University of Toronto)

Canada’s got talent – but not enough where it’s needed most.

All businesses in Canada will be faced with talent scarcity for the next decade. But it will be especially challenging for small and mid-sized businesses to attract and retain the innovative, tech-savvy, solution-minded talent they need to fuel performance and accelerate economic growth. Through a strategic partnership with University Consulting Group I am able to connect experienced, high-performing student contractors with mid-sized businesses to address both short-term strategic objectives (to mitigate the impact of this talent shortage) as well as create opportunity for these businesses to establish long-term relationships with young professionals.

I connect the most ambitious mid-sized businesses in Canada with the top 10% of post-secondary talent in Canada.